Creating the First Web3.0 Inclusiverse with Staking Rewards on Polygon

💥Mint Price: 50 $MATIC💥

Official Mint: September 30th


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The Summary

About Meta Mystic Superheroes

11,000 Meta Mystic Superheroes have just landed on Earth! They are interdimensional, meaning they exist in other “realities” or “dimensions” that coexist separately alongside our own. They are Non-Binary Superheroes, here to spread love and protect the Metaverse!

Meta Mystic Superheroes revolve around creating meaningful and educational experiences. They are cosmic multi-dimensional beings with magical minds that represent freedom of choice, self-expression, and divine community.

The official Meta Mystic Mint will take place directly on our website on September 30th! The Superheroes can then be instantly staked on our website to earn $mystc token rewards. Alpha Mystic Holders will receive a Mystery Mystic Airdrop + Alchemy.Meta Crypto Academy Lifetime Access.

There are 11 Rarity Tiers in which the supply becomes more limited as the tiers get higher; Tier 11 NFTs are Ultra-Rare, 1-of-1, Meta Mystic Superheroes.

Which Superheroes will you Mint?

$MYSTC Token Address: 0xc78FD3e1EE3eDb232e354B5C2e4F7cd56864A3e3

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Staking NFTs

Earn rewards for being a holder of our NFTs. The higher your character tier, the more tokens you make.

Play to Earn (Coming soon)

Use NFTs to get access to the play to earn game. The more you play, the more tokens you earn.

Metaverse (Coming soon)

Use NFTs to get access to our Inclusiverse, the next generation of metaverse where everyone is welcome.

Our Goals


Phase 1 - Complete

The First Generation of 11k Meta Mystic Superheroes NFT Collection is debuted. NFTs will have the ability to be staked directly on our website.

Phase 2 - Complete

Alpha Superhero Presale Alphas can mint for a limited time before the public. Followed by direct staking on the website with their Meta Mystic Superheroes, access to Alchemy Meta Trading Academy, and Meta Mystic Gift Shop opens! Exchange $MYSTC tokens for prizes.

Phase 3 - Complete

Mystery Meta Mystic Superhero Airdrop is Revealed. The airdrop will unlock special features down the road, think about it as the keys to the kingdom...

Phase 4

Meta Mystic Superheroes Official Mint! Minting on September 30th will grant you potenial WL access on all future project releases. Mint 10 or more NFTs and gain access to Alchemy Meta VIP Trading Group. Stake your NFTS and earn $MYSTC tokens.

Phase 5

The community will vote on a non-profit organization to partner with and donate a portion of mint revenue.

Phase 6

Sold Out Collection: The Meta Mystic Inclusiverse (metaverse) development begins.


Team Members

Meet The Team

Meta Mystic Sammy

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Meta Mystic Erik


Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked


How to get ready to mint?

1. Download Discord and set up a Discord account.
2. Visit Mystic website and click Join our Discord to be redirected to our Discord server.
3. Check the How To category in the Discord, there you can find tutorials to open up your MetaMask wallet.
4. Set up your MetaMask wallet and get your MATIC ready for mint day!
5. Once mint day arrives, check our website to find the link to the minting page.

How many Meta Mystic Superheroes will be available?

There will be 11,000 Mystics available to mint. Max mint 20 per transaction.

How can I mint Meta Mystic Superheroes?

You will be able to mint your Mystic on our website. A tutorial will be present under the how to category on Discord.

Where will I be able to view my Meta Mystic Superheroes?

Once you mint your Meta Mystic NFT, you will be able to view them directly on the website under "Stake". You can also view your NFTs on OpenSea, after linking your wallet.

When will I be able to mint my Meta Mystic Superheroes?

Official Mint will be on September 30th 0:00 UTC. If you have the Superhero role on Discord, you will be able to mint early!

How will I benefit from holding Meta Mystic Superheroes?

Earn $MYSTC tokens as a passive reward just for holding & staking our NFTs! These tokens have instant liquidity and can also be used for in-game / in-metaverse purchases (coming soon).